Living In Harmony Through Kahuna Wisdom
By Allan P. Lewis

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Allan Parker Lewis now presents his readers with another volume of wisdom from his "Kahuna-Connection" to the Islands of Hawaii and Polynesia. This book is packed with personal advice and suggested practices to assist in your quest for "Living in Harmony" with yourself and your surroundings.

Of special interest is the chapter designed "For Children and Mothers-To-Be". It gives the Kahuna wisdom explanation for the reasons children behave as they do; and how to raise children, from inception, to become the balanced and harmonious beings we would wish.

Again, Dr. Lewis has brought powerful and important knowledge from the past into your present and future, so you can learn to make Kahuna Wisdom work for you.


    This book is the second in a series based on the ancient wisdom of the Kahuna of the Pacific. My first volume, titled clearing your lifepath, contains very detailed background information on the knowledge of the ancient peoples of the Pacific Islands, as well as step-by-step instructions for students in their personal efforts at clearing their own Lifepath.

    The basic Kahuna wisdom was shared for thousands of years by those who peopled the various islands of Hawaii and Polynesia, as well as Samoa, Tonga, Figi, New Zealand and even Easter Island. The Historical traditions of these scattered groups included the belief that they were the survivors of an ancient Pacific continent which sank into the sea. In other words, there is an ancient tradition which agrees with modern speculation over the existence of an ancient continent called "Pacifica," and sometimes called Lemuria or Mu. It is interesting to note that the word "Mu" in Hawaiian means "ancient ones".

    Voyages between these widely separated groups were only very occasional and sporadic, leading to some variations of language and peripheral word usage during the many centuries of their history. Yet most of the fundamentals remained nearley intact throughout that vast region. Nowhere else in the world can it be shown that a single psycho-religious system has survived relatively unchanged for 14,000 years, and possibly a great deal longer. It can only mean that the system has definite merit.

    After the invasions of these Pacific Islands, following their discovery in 1777 and 1778 by Captain Cook, there was a rapid demise of these teachings. There are many reasons and even some excuses for this; but from a metaphysical point of view there must have been some karmic reason for it, since, as the Kahuna says, there is no such thing as an accident, not even to himself.

    Other authors have written extensively about the negative aspects of the Hawaiian/Polynesian societies: Human sacrifice, the death prayer, etc. These things did exist, and could well be the negative karma I referenced. But it is my intention to help teach the positive aspects which, thankfully, are beginning to spread in ever widening spirals around the globe. As far as I am concerned this is all to the good, for the more widespread this positive knowledge and outlook can become, the better balanced will be the health, wealth and wisdom of the entire world.

    It is not possible to repeat in detail the entire background and instructions contained in Clearing your Lifepath. But I shall give a breif review of the basics of the Kahuna wisdom and of the technique of the Silence, which is essential to the mental clearing process, to meditation, and to the other secret practices of the Kahuna. Interestingly enough, the usual translation of the word Kahuna is "Keeper of the Secret," yet it can just as correctly be translated as "Transmitter of the Secret," It is in that spirit that I write my books and transmit the fruits of my studies to others.

    I want everyone to receive the maximum benefit from this book, even if that means obtaining my first volume and carefully learning all that it has to teach, and then re-reading this volume. Even without that, all people can receive knowledge, benefit and help from these lessons - to the degree that they are sufficiently "mentally clear" to be in contact with (and directly helped by) their High Self, and to the degree to which they apply themselves and their mind power.

    I called the first volume..."my distillation of the ancient Kahuna wisdom, as gleaned from my readings, my teachers, and the most current of the insights I have been privileged to learn." This book continues that process, including the clarification and re-defining of several words and phrases which appear to have caused some misunderstanding in the past.

    I ask the indulgence of those who have already studied Clearing Your Lifepath, and of those advanced students of metaphysics who may not need such basic instruction, but the first part of this book must be a short review of important Kahuna wisdom information and techniques.

    In any event, as I have often pointed out in other writings, lectures and teachings, frequent review and repetition are basic to the instruction and reteaching of the subconscious. So one more "go-around" will actually be of benefit to all. Read. Practice. Enjoy. Fill your life with Love, Life and Light of Universal Harmony.

Kahuna Na'auao ka man loa ike ao nei.
Ho'oan'auao pono'i lilo Ho'okahi me ao nei.

(Kahuna Wisdom is all powerful in the world.
Make yourself wise and come into Oneness with the world.)

Dr. Allen P. Lewis





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