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Aloha, my name is Dr Yates J Canipe.  The following information is for the Bridging The Gap Collection recorded at a Huna World Convention.  At this particular convention were 15 very special presenters all with valuable perspectives on the different aspects of Huna and its use and increase in popularity.  This collection is a must for the history buff who wants to know about Huna and the world and the individual you wants to understand for to apply to himself and others.  I came across a set of notes and backgrounds and found that just reading through them was enough to cause me to watch each video intently.  So I thought.  Other people may find the same thing.  The following is that.  A short bio and some points each presenter makes.  Enjoy.

DR. E. OTHA WINGO - Cape Girardeau, MO

Dr. Wingo is the man Max Freedom Long personally chose to carry on his work. A Retired Minister, Master Teacher, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages, Missouri District Deputy Grand Masonic Lecturer, and Director of Research at Huna International Headquarters for over 33 years, Dr. Wingo has personally taught more than 20,000 students these ancient secrets ... not only how the Kahuna instantly healed the sick, saw into the future, and changed the future for the better... he has developed a simple, workable system to teach people to do-it-themselves!


Ritual and Meaningful Drama

4th century BC, Aristotle said that the best way to tell the truth is with a lie. In his Poetics, Aristotle described tragedy as a representative of action that requires serious attention. He said
that poetry was more important than history. Myths should be taken seriously; but not literally. And this is just as true of biblical myths as of all other myths.

70 AD Paul lived and wrote.
90 AD Destruction of Jerusalem
367 AD Gospels were written

There were 5,000 manuscripts of the Gospels and none were written before the 4th century AD. Gospels were selected from the many versions available and the rest were rejected as inauthentic.

Constantine made a death bed conversion to Christianity. He worshipped Sol Invictus, The Invincible Sun. This is the religion that he imposed on the Roman Empire.

May 20, 325 Council of Nicea. Jeshua was voted to be a divine being. The vote was 218 – 2. Previously, Jeshua lost the vote. All voting against his godhead were ejected from the council and they voted again, this time enthroning Jeshua as a god.

Originally, Chrestians meant the "Good People".

Jesus was known as the Nazarene and a village of Nazareth was invented so that the word could mean that Jesus was from this village.  

Carpenter meant a learned scholar.

Christ is a title, messiah, not a name.

The earliest figure of Jesus was the one in which he was holding a lamb. It wasn't until 680 AD that this figure was changed to a man hanging on a cross.

Katherine Emerich was a German nun in the 1800's who had visions describing the crucifixion of this so called Christ. It was this rendition of the story upon which Mel Gibson's movie was based.  Prior to this movie, the church refused to beautify Katherine Emerich as they could not ascertain whose visions these were, the woman or her chronicler. Since the movie, the political situation has been such that she has been approved for beatification, with the ceremony to be held on October 3, 2004, which is the last step before sanctification as a saint.


Jesus never founded a religion.  Christianity was founded by Paul.  The disciples did not witness the Crucifixion.  The disciples were armed.  The disciples fled the Garden of Gethsemane.  The two thieves are more appropriately termed "zealots" Zealot is more appropriately defined as "terrorists".  Simon the Zealot was one of the apostles. Why was the crucifixion complete in 3 hours when it usually takes 3 days?  Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy friend.  They came to massage his body and heal it; not prepare it for burial.  Rubbing of oil was for healing.  Mary Magdalene was not the same as the adulteress.  They asked the gardener at the tomb in the orchard where he had taken him not where did you take the body.

The Resurrection is best understood as a drama of initiation. If translated as a ritual, we will find much truth in this.

The "Hurtless Life" is indicated by the phrase "take up your cross and follow". Keep the path open for the high self and send it Mana. In Huna the resurrection is to open the path anew.

Only the lesser man is indicated in the word "son". Give us back the loving father, the high self mother-father of Huna.

DR. GREG BOYD - Cape Girardeau, MO

Greg is a self-proclaimed "shop teacher" at South Eastern Missouri University. He is a silly man and the UNDISPUTED MASTER of Ceremonies. Greg keeps everything running smoothly. Whether it's running a convention or maintaining the office building, Greg is an all-round "Mr. Fix-It."


A teacher of numerous metaphysical, spiritual, and psychic subjects, including Huna, Loretta is a Certified Huna Teacher and ordained Huna Practitioner. She is a member of the Board of Directors.

Loretta gave us an account of her experience climbing a mountain in Hawaii with faith

The Keynote Address covering new research and advancements in the Lightbody Activation Process by Duane Henkle and Diana Stone. Their book is Lightbody Activation Manual and it can be purchased on CD and video.  



Duane Henkle lived the "success paradigm" for many years as a husband, father, suburbanite, weekend golfer, Scout leader, church leader and corporate manager.

Then, a powerful vision revealed his true purpose in life: a "change agent" here to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants shift to a higher dimension. The astonishing news forever changed his life. He divorced, quit his corporate job, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, worked as a management-training consultant, and began his search for the tools of transformation in order to fulfill his mission. His health deteriorated for several years, but because of the healing efforts of his Spirit Guides and angels, he fully recovered. During that time, Duane's own psychic abilities and healing powers blossomed.

Answering Spirit's call once more, Duane sojourned to the Hawaiian Islands for three magical years where the transformational tools, for which he had been so passionately seeking, were revealed: the Crystal Triangle and its nine steps to lightbody activation.

DIANA STONE - Vancouver, WA

With her brother, Duane Henkle, Diana made a Special Keynote Presentation on the latest research and advances in the Lightbody Activation Process.

Diana brings to her astrological and shamanic work an extensive background of study in psychology, healing and metaphysics. She trained for three years as a Director of Psychodrama, a type of group therapy. She attended the Columbia Institute in Portland, Oregon studying Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. She was certified in 1982 by Huna Research, Inc. She maintains a practice as a healer/shaman specializing in soul retrieval at a distance and
clearing earth energies. She also is a psychic past life therapist. She works extensively with other healers and counselors coping with the psycho-physiological transformation process.

DR. JOE CRAIG - St. Louis, MO

Born in Hawaii and initiated to Ho'omanaloa Alaka'i, Joe has been a practicing metaphysician for more than twenty years and is the founder of On Purpose Life Works.


HUNA – secret, spiritual, concealed. Knowledge or wisdom protected like a treasure.

HAKALAU - The process by which the ancients paid attention. To the extent that one pays attention, one can get what one wants.

The process of learning "state" FOVEAL VISION is the vision we use when functioning in
the "sympathetic nervous system" and is the fight or flight state PERIPHERAL VISION is the vision we use when functioning in the "parasympathetic system" and is the meditative state and the learning state. The more one stays in peripheral vision, the better the retention of the materials presented or, stated another way; the more one is able to learn.

The Hawaiian Language is one of the most ancient languages on the Earth still spoken. It has 7 levels of meaning.

HA Breath
Wai Water, Mana, Life Source
I Supreme
Supreme Life Force Energy That Rides On The Breath

HO'O To Make
Pono Righteous or Right
At Onement
Ho'oponopono Making really right.
Connecting the inner parts of self with all that surrounds

Functions of the Unconscious Mind:
The unconscious mind stores, organizes, represses unresolved energies, presents memories to conscious mind, runs and preserves the physical body and is the Gateway to Spirit.

If one still has negative emotions about something, then one has not as yet gained the lesson from the experience. The negative emotion is a sore spot that must be addressed.

The unconscious mind is the UNIHIPILI. It is the place of unformed thought forms which attach to the beings of higher light whether negative or positive through AKA Cords.

Energy flows from higher to lower in the sense that of higher concentrations of energy to lower concentrations of energy. Thus, when one builds up Mana in the Unihipili, the higher concentration of energy there can then be easily transmitted to the Aumakua easily.

One method of supporting one's conscious and super conscious minds (Uhane and Aumakua) is to ask the lower conscious mind (Unihipili) if it supports one's magnificence and connectedness to higher self.

One can also support oneself by correcting past negativities with others. Connect through lower consciousness and say: "I forgive you, do you forgive me?"


Associations that are negative and deleterious to one's being may be broken by requesting the assistance of Michael, the Archangel, Defender in Battle.

One can imagine healing guides in the 4 quadrants, rotating at the speed of light above the head. There is a hole in the center of this rotational circle which allows the circle of light to pass down
over the body cutting all the AKA cords. Later, one can reconnect all AKA cords that are desirable to that individual. There was a reference to a Morrnah Simeona at this point and to Doreen Virtue's books on AKA cords.


Known as Speed-Man (among other epithets that I won't mention here) Dr. John could actually be called a prestidigitator ("fast finger worker") for his ability to touch or hit you 11 times (or is it 18?) before you can clap your hands together. Does that make him a "touchy-feely" man? Well, he is that, too. When teaching, he is all business—he won't be happy till you Do The Drills! And he makes sure everyone in the class is able to get results. He doesn't teach theory; he teaches practical application of principles, techniques, drills, exercises, methods and you learn to DO THEM. He also brings much humor and fun into his teaching.


Secrets of the Huna Ha Rite for Making Your Dreams Come True

One must be moving away from something before one can manifest something.

1) Awareness of where you are at
2) Make a decision that you don't want to be there
3) Make a decision as to where you do want to be

Values and beliefs are unconscious. A person can hook up kinesthetically to find out what they are. That is stand with your feet together and straight and ask yourself a question about a something and your response, swaying forward or back will tell you what that belief is. One can also do muscle testing with the assistance of another.

These are questions to the Unihipili and its belief system.

Mana: A process of breathing that produces Mana, which is the universal life force.

How does one know what one wants or needs? Ask Unihipili.

Dr. John refers to a System to align the conscious and unconscious to get congruency. Without congruency, one cannot manifest what one needs or desires. This implies that what one may want consciously, is not what the unconscious wants and more importantly, that the unconscious cannot be forced to want what the conscious wants.
S Simple and specific. Say what you want and the way that you want it.
M Measurable and meaningful to me
A As if it is now. Is it achievable? Test for it. Ask about blockages.
R Realistic and responsible
T Time, must do this before the event. Should be toward something.

Ask the criteria questions and then use Mana Mana to get it. Must be Mana Mana; but doesn't have to be Mana Loa. However, one needs Mana Mana to hook up to Mana Loa.

If it tests incorrectly, ask what causes it to test incorrectly.

PHYLLIS W. CORWIN - State College, PA

A true Huna Treasure and beloved Elder, Phyllis has been practicing and teaching Huna for more years than we're allowed to say. She is a spiritual leader and an Honorary Charter Member of the Board of Directors. Her knowledge and experience is extensive.

 Dr. Corwin gave good advice in that we should remain connected to our local communities through traditional methods of block parties, ice cream socials, assisting our neighbors when possible. Good advice for us all. She finished by stating that we are all worthwhile.


When the question arises, "When did you learn about Huna?" Vince just smiles and says, "There was never a time when I did not know about Huna." With more than thirty years of experience under his belt, Vinson is an outstanding, effective teacher of Huna. He teaches Huna workshops throughout the U.S., while continuing to manage the Huna Research organization. His innovations include sophisticated marketing techniques, setting up and managing Huna web
sites and interactive e-mail lists.

Working without a Net

Vince with Joe Craig ends with a dramatized meditation using the Time Line format for putting the desired future into your reality. This was done by Vince and Joe Craig. The first part was an integration of many the techniques given by other speakers and putting into focus from the standpoint of practicing Huna.

How to Start a Huna Group



Paul was born 67 winters ago in "the moon of the falling" leaves in a place called by his people "tla-da-tsa-yi" which means "the place of the panther." Paul was trained in the old ways of his people by elder Medicine Men. He now serves as Chief of his people, called AhNiYvWiYa ("ah-knee-yuh-wee-yah"), which means "the human people."  Paul says, "The small band of our people who survived the onslaught of European influence and destruction have kept the identification of ourselves by knowing that we, the human people, are only one equal part of this universe. The name by which we identify ourselves holds the secret of the central belief of all that we hold sacred: Balance of harmony within the beauty and power of the sacred colors,
where we have been placed. We are only one part of all that there is and are no better or no less than all of the other parts."

He feels his greatest purpose in life is the teaching of his people's ancient culture, keeping alive that which most honors his ancestors.

Chief Paul gave us the "true" history of his people the Cholacs, or as we know them the Cherokee and the "Trail of Tears" which was handed down to him through an unbroken oral tradition. This would be similar to what occurred with the Hawaiian traditions.

Chief Paul says that "ganela" is the spirit of life and that everything has spirit, even the rocks. This correlates with what I know about the traditions of the ancient Celtic peoples and the

Of greatest significance to me was the fact that tragedy encouraged a people to insulate and consolidate such that their traditions remained intact. This is in opposition to the experience of us
European descended peoples who suffered many of the same tragedies of the American Indians in Europe at the hands of the Romans who then brought the Christian religion. The power lust and greed of government and church officials required that they break the traditions of the tribal peoples of Europe. In doing so they denied us our languages and our belief systems. As a result, we are scrambling to remember and to find sources that give us true accounts as to who are people really were and what it was that they really believed. We are having great difficulty reclaiming that knowledge today and find ourselves having to beg humbly that that the very people that our ancestors treated so abjectly are now the ones to whom we must turn for the ancient sacred knowledge we lost.


Ed has spent more than 30 years in the health care field. His traditional medical training provides him with a substantial base upon which to build integrated treatments for the people he cares for. He is trained as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Gestalt Therapist, and in the Ida RoIf method of structural integration.

Ed began his Hawaiian training in 1986 with Nelita Po`okui Kukuilaakaa Anderson, a Kahuna HaHa and Kahuna Lapa`au (kahuna of the ancient healing arts of Hawaii). Nelita taught in the old ways and required one on one teaching to insure his skills. Named Kaleolani, in an Inoa ritual. As a Kahu O Mana, Ed is dedicated to the healing arts of ancient Hawaii. Using the knowledge he has been given, he now brings Hawaii Energetics to others.


Rick and Connie are former residents of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. They study with, and have a close relationship, with Lanakila and the traditions of the God Lono. They are co-founders of the Reiki Council. Their clients have included major corporations such as General Mills, ACCO International, and Esquire Magazine, as well as internationally renowned healers, world-class dancers, elite professional athletes, and royalty.


Rick and Connie have a book of the same name.

 LONO  - Healer, Herbs, Cultures, Softness, moisture

KU - Rigid direction, only one whose eyes are open can see above and below.

KANALOA  - God of the seas, underworld, ancestors

KANE - Usability between man and god

Family Lineage: Each family is under one of these gods.

Kahuna Pulai: Priests, guides,
Kahuna Po: Darkness, chaos, creation

Mana: Elements of light which have emerged from where we all want to go

 Rick Vrenios


7 Chakras
7 Continents
7 Layers of Skin
7 Deadly Sins which describes a dysfunctionality in each chakra
7 Heavenly Virtues which describes the proper functioning in each charka
7 sacraments
7 levels of the Kabala: Some layers have two spheres which describe two halves of the personality at that level.

CHAKRA Means wheel or disk

PADMA Indians describe the disk as a lotus flower which opens when
alive and well


When the egg is fertilized, a life begins. The heart charka begins to function before any other and therefore, has a consciousness of its own. It has a consciousness several hundred times greater than the brain. The heart charka then creates the other chakras.

The growth of an individual is expressed through the chakras.
Spirit Chakra Birth through infancy
Brow Chakra Infancy to adolescence

HENRY KROTOSCHIN - Zurich, Switzerland

Most important is the Huna teaching he has done via the Huna Forschungs-Gesellschaft [Huna Research Institute], affiliated with HRI, as our official representative in German-speaking countries.  Henry is a Certified Huna Teacher and Practitioner.
Losing Contact With The Higher Self

Contact with the higher self is the first aim of our existence. Some people are born with it and know it while others born with it don't know that they have it. The rest of us have to work at it.

In Faust II, Goethe said that "We will redeem him, whoever has tried hard and strong". The redemption is contact with the higher self.

Jesus said that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless reborn. This is a reference to contact with the higher self.

If the rain of blessings doesn't come, then someone may be hurt by the prayer request. The prayer request must then be changed. One must be careful before sending the prayer so as not to hurt anyone.

Consciousness writes the lines. Ask the unconsciousness to choose a symbol or picture and then send the picture with mana up the AKA cord.

The connection between the higher self and the lower self can be broken by the inability of the Uhane to produce mana to send to the unconsciousness. The production of mana must not be interrupted.

The production of mana is based on the digestive process. It is formed in the abdominal area.

The production of mana and the connection to the lower self and then the higher self can be hindered by pain and by pain killers, as well as by antibiotics.

During illness the middle self was not able to feel the high self. Are there medicines that don't hinder the connection? What is the effect of natural medicines, homeopathic agents and Bach Flower Remedies? These must be reviewed by experiential analysis.


The words of Yeshua must be explained through the Huna Way. Huna practitioners cannot have enemies. Give your tormentor love and mana. Matthew 5:44

Pray as if you have received it. The target of he who gives love is clear as the receiver can only respond with love and thus the giver is blessed.

The subconscious is always stronger than the conscious self (the Will) said Emile Coue. Send love to living, spiritual and dark entities. Send AKA cords to those you want to effect and love.

Address the Unihipili: "George, please send love to the loved one, to the enemy and to the good spirit." Send energy to vitalize and revitalize the AKA cord. Wrap the gift thought in red and tie it with a gold cord.

Kala or cleansing is important before contact with high self.  Unihipili accepts this forgiveness and love without criticism.

Dr. JOE CRAIG - St. Louis, MO

Living Symbology: Talking with the High Self

Huna is the secret wisdom, and is protected treasure.

The feminine is described by a "V"

The masculine is described by an inverted "V"

The integration of these is the masculine and feminine. They really never touch; but exchange energy synergistically.

Joe Craig explains that they are expressions of metaphors. More specifically symbols are pictorial metaphors.

According to Edgar Cayce, a cult is a wisdom or philosophy that went underground to protect people. The knowledge was preserved in prophecy, religious writings, storytelling, mythology, oral traditions, stone monuments, etc.

The religions that took the place of the old wisdoms teach that we are separate from nature and that we have to conquer nature, that it is our god given duty to do so. These philosophies have created all of our problems on earth.

Some of the evidence that we have been visited or come from and have had far greater knowledge than we do now is in our stone monuments.

These stone monuments date way beyond excepted time parameters. The weathering on the body of the sphinx is due to water about 10,000 BC. The portion not weathered is the head which has been continually exposed to the elements. The head is not in proportion to the body. It is much smaller.

The pyramids on the plateau of Giza have never fallen down. There are no paintings inside the pyramids and they were not used for burial.

100 feet below the sphinx is a room for what is presumed to be initiatory purposes. The Japanese found the room by sonar and then they were denied study as this opposes the historical perspectives as to what the sphinx is.


10 Planets plus 12 signs = 22

In a circle, the letter "T", "A", "R", "O" can be written,

These can be read as: The wheel of the tarot speaks the law of Hathor (nature).

The Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case

The Universal Waite Deck is the deck used by Mr. Case as being the most ancient rendition of the knowledge and therefore, the most correct.

The higher arcana consist of 22 cards and each correlates to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This was discovered by Eliphas Levi.

Using peripheral vision, meditate on the cards and the symbology should become apparent. The numerology aligns with the symbology of Huna and the Tarot cards.

BILL DUGGER, JR. - Thompsonville, IL

For over thirty years, Bill Dugger has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He has an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineers Technology (1969) from Paducah Community College (Kentucky) and is a 1980 graduate of the University of Science and Philosophy. He is certified as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) (Chicago, 1989) and is certified by the International Association of Counselors and

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Living In Balance in Carbondale, Illinois, and of Huna Research, Inc.

The Three Laws of Life
The Treasures of Stillness

Ghandi said that Americans have everything; but stillness. Stillness slows the basal metabolic rate, heals and relieves pain, promotes synchronicity and allows one to discover oneness with

There are 18 sextrillion points of light in our bodies. That is 18 x 1021 or 18,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Guided meditation leads us into this light. There are no voids. There are no empty spaces.


Doreen Virtue's books about AKA cords

Morrnah Simeona

Huna: A Magic Way of Life Dr. John Schuster

How to be Free In A Free World Harry Brown

The Language of ESP in Action Fred Kimble

The Mars Mystery

Footprints of the Gods Gram Hancock

Keepers of the Secrets Max Freedom Long

The Secret Science Behind Miracles Max Freedom Long

The Secret Science at Work Max Freedom Long

Growing into Light Max Freedom Long

Psychometric Analysis Max Freedom Long

The Huna Code in Religions Max Freedom Long

What Jesus Taught in Secret Max Freedom Long

Ishmael Daniel Quinn

Tarot: A Universal Language Beatrix Quntana

Tarot: The Key to the Wisdom Of the Ages Paul Foster Case

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark Laurence Gardner

The Cube of Space Hulme

Energy Medicine Donna Eden






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