Huna Convention 2008 - 7 DVDs (14hrs)
"Reclaim your Inner POWER"

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Need Some Proven Psychic Skills, along with Kahuna Mind Secrets that Easily Put You Ahead

of Everyone Else? Then ...

Our Hand-Picked "Mastermind Team" will
Show You “HOW” to get YOUR Goals and Dreams!
Get The Best CUTTING-EDGE Secret Skills ...
all in the privacy and comfort of your home!
Healing, Prosperity, Harmony and Peace can
NOW be YOURS in Abundance!

Dear Friend,

            If you're interested in personal power, fighting fitness, martial arts or persuasion and influence, this all-new course is a Gold-Mine!

Get ready to discover

the Sage Mountain Warriors Secrets of Invincibility!

            Would you like to gain the REAL-WORLD SKILLS you need for magical living today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life?

Would you like to once-and-for-all discover...

• Erase Fear Permanently

• The Kahuna methods of self-healing, energy and how to stop an attacker with a single glance!

• Secrets of Energy Attack and How to Protect Your Energy

• 7 Steps to Enlightenment!

• Huna How-To: The Ancient Hawaiian Warriors exact methods of psychic influence!

• How to ask for and GET what you NEED from the High Self... when you need it.

• Develop your own personal power!

• Bring more ABUNDANCE into your life and BLESS all of those around you!

• Fill in the "Missing Pieces."

• Get “instant” GPS GUIDANCE from your Higher Self?

Money Manifestation, Healing, and Abundance ...
You really can "have it all" ... and you can have it on your terms ... according to your deepest values!

            I’m about to share with you how to Discover the One System to Virtually Guarantee Your Success by Awakening Your Hidden Mind Powers and Native Spiritual Power (Yes, you were born with this power)

            I will repeat myself: You Were Born with Native SPIRITUAL POWER. Real spiritual power. The kind that of power that Protects you, Heals you, and Provides for you.

            Look at it this way: have you ever noticed if you cut your lip, it heals itself? That’s your body’s native healing power.

            Have you ever noticed how sometimes a decision you made - without even thinking about it - saved you from a catastrophe or blessed you in some way? That’s your native mental power.

            You also have native spiritual power. Every one of was born with it. Problem is, we get conditioned from birth to deny its existence. Fear, and with it ignorance, has been passed on from generation to generation.

            Not so with...

the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas and Master Warriors of Enlightenment!

            Without fear, and instead with respect and love and honor, they passed on the Master Secrets of Huna, Ho’oponopono, and The Mystical Ways of Enlightenment and Manifestation.

            Now these Master Secrets can be Yours. Forever. And I really do mean that.

            Here’s why: Rev. Vince Wingo, Master Scott Bolan and Dr. Yates Canipe have dedicated their lives to the study, practice, de-coding and teaching the Master Secrets.

            The three of them gathered last October for the 2008 World Huna Convention. It was the most powerful and enriching event I have ever seen in my life (and I’ve seen almost ALL of them!)

            To put it in the simplest terms possible, it was more than...

...people being healed left and right...

...spiritual family coming together to help each other learn, grown and prosper...

...answers to the questions of life...

...roadblocks removed...

...people finding their spiritual, mental and physical answers...

...people finding years-old problems miraculously solved in an instant!...

...people finding how to succeed in relationships, money and health...

...people learning how to manifest an overflow of abundance...

...people learning how to heal, right on the spot!

Yes it was all those things and MORE, way more!

To put it simply? It was pure and true MAGIC.

That is the only way I can accurately describe the 2008 Huna World Convention...

... and the good news for you right now is that we recorded it all onto 7 DVDs (14hrs)!

            You can now discover, FOR YOURSELF, how to..

  • Get the best of difficulties... instead of letting them get the best of you!

  • Reclaim your POWER!

  • Learn the key phrases for success.

  • How to REMOVE thought forms that DRAIN YOUR ENERGY.


  • Straightforward REAL Healing!

  • The single most important Key to energize yourself instantly.

  • Combating "hidden" beliefs that weaken you.

  • One simple tool to instantly access your inner intuitive self.

  • How to ask for and get what you want out of life.

  • 3 steps to guaranteed results.

  • The single biggest mistake people make in meditation and prayer.

  • Feel more self-confidence

  • Access past experiences... the future... and remote events... and CHANGE THEM AT WILL!

  • Run your life more efficiently and have more fun!

  • Increase your psychic influence 100 to 1000 times.

  • How-to instantly build a "Psychic Shield"

  • Develop you skills as a healer.

... and your cost is less than a visit to one expert!

            Here you get ALL THREE on DVDs that you can watch at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. You can review the material at your own pace, and see questions answered live!

            Do you want MAGIC and HEALING in your life, “Right Now”? Absolutely!

            So did Jerry. Jerry came to the 2008 World Huna Convention and got his foot healed on the spot! It’s all right there on camera, so that you can watch, learn, and do the same for yourself.

            AND - Get This - one of the first things you’ll learn “live” from Master is the

7 Steps to Enlightenment

            This was the most Powerful and Amazing thing I have learned in years, and my life has skyrocketed since learning these 7 steps!

            My friend YOU TOO can “have this” for yourself...

            This is your Once-In-A-Life-Time opportunity for permanent peace-of- mind, especially in these Hectic and "Fearful" times we're living in!

            Once you get your hands on this all-new material, you will undergo one of the most profound and liberating transformational experiences ever created.

            You will breathe a huge sigh of relief every day once you have learned these powerful secrets that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge mind technology.

            Whatever you do, please remember this golden rule I learned from the Huna World Convention. When Master Bolan said it I knew my life had changed forever! He said, “Remember the Golden Rule...

“Energy First, Last and Always

            Wow! Think about it right now: Energy is everything! Energy is health.... Energy is healing.... Energy is money!...

            Our very lives, the stuff of what we’re made of... is all Energy!

            There is energy in a log. You burn the log in the fireplace until the energy is gone. Then it turns to dust. So as long as we are ALIVE, we have and are Energy! And, we can CONTROL this energy. Thus we control our health, our healing, our money, our relationships.... all with the Power of our High Self!

            This is the most Liberating thing I have ever discovered!

            Scott said that whatever decision I am faced with, whatever relationship, anything at all, I always ask “How Will This Affect My Energy?

            When I do that, I protect and empower my energy, rather than drain it.

            Does that make sense?

            As long as my Energy (or “Chi” or “Spirit Force” as Scott calls it) is considered before any action, that action will always be most rewarding!

And, “get this!”

Dr. Yates reveals the missing pieces and understandings that

make Huna really work consistently

• Learn the Four Key functions of the Brain and Body that are the Glue that hold everything together!

            In these all-new DVDs that no one has anywhere else, YOU will find out the secret of how events and environment shape your world! This may be the most important knowledge you’ll have - it allows you to use Huna and Martial Arts information for stunning results!

• The key mental states in Strategies and Tactics for life to enhance the use of the principles in the Art Of War

• How to find that something that is missing in your life, and how to put it in.

• Seven words that will change your life!

• Instantly create an exit from the Wrong Freeway of Life!

• The Chain of Thoughts Explained - no more confusion!

• The Three Vital MASTER Steps that make change or healing work get results!

• Now you can meditate with purpose and then MANIFEST

• Discover the hidden difference between Healing and Fight or Flight

            You’ll have instant peace of mind regarding your creativity, as Dr. Yates reveals the mystery and myths about left and right brain functions. What really goes on is disclosed once and for all! Guess what: it is much more than being Creative OR Logical!

• The TRUTH about Hypnosis - Stage Versus Clinic Versus the Real World.

• Simple trance inductions that can be done over the phone are presented!

• Multiple ways to induce trance in yourself and others in the real world!

• The Greater Mind Explained and learning to use the 400 Billion Bits of Processing Per Second instead of the 2000 bits per second in the awareness of the conscious mind!

• The secret to tuning in an audience or even the intent of a person

            If you’ve been interested in Huna for any length of time and you’ve practiced the Ha Rite and Huna prayers, this is an absolute must if you want to get results you can see! You simply must watch this if you’re going to be seeing the results so many dream about!

The Secret behind “the Secret” Become an Enlightened Huna Warrior - one who MANIFESTS GREATNESS - on a solid foundation and experience the difference!

            In these DVDs you’ll learn the Newly Discovered connection between Huna, Attractiveness and the Law of Attraction! Now you can put it all together - the Secret, the Law of Attraction, Ho’oponopono, the Bleep ... it all comes together in this “Diamond Huna” - so you can multiply you mana manifestation!

            Imagine using Negative thoughts to absolutely empower you! Sound crazy? It isn’t. It’s one of the most empowering discoveries of the decade! ....and no one knows about it ... until now! (Be one of the first to get this course!) One you have this, you’ll turn that old constant internal rattling into calmness, coolness and collectiveness.

            YOU GET Step by Step procedures to solve problems while you sleep. Preparation is Key and we lay out the steps. No more guess-work!

            YOU ALSO GET....

• Two methods of UNSTOPPABLE SELLING using Sensory Acuity and Energy

• Peace in any home or work situation, regardless of the past!

• The 9 Pillars of Power

• Self-Healing Secrets of the Samurai, and....

• AIKI Secrets - Uniting your 3 selves in Harmony

• Zanshin/Mushin - how to operate 24/7 in the Meditative State - to be effective and win every game you play

            When your DVD package arrives, one of the first things you’ll learn is the secret of “ effortless doing” - so that you can “multiply” your results (money, success) instead of simply “add”, and you’ll ATTRACT what and who you want (rather than expend effort). And you will discover...

The Single Most Important Skill that
Makes People Successful!

            That’s just on the first DVD and that alone my friend is worth 1000 times the amount of this course. And here now you can get the entire 14 hour course for only a few hundred dollars!

            What a massively good deal! Why do we let it go for so cheap? Because we want to get this information out there - in your hands - so you can use it to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Step-by-step, this is the way to a better world, and I really do mean that.

            Listen up. This is not another info-course or educational workshop. This is outright live on-the-spot dynamic power FOR YOU.

            I could easily write another 18 pages and not even begin to outline the dynamic discoveries and PURE GOLD you’ll get from these live DVDs.

            It’s like being there in person! So instead of writing those 18 pages, I’m going to give you the best darn deal you’ve ever seen, so you can discover it for yourself

            The Huna World Convention 7-DVD (14hrs) set will retail for $497.00 full catalogue price. But we wanted to offer it to YOU FIRST at a Huge discount - but you’ve got to act fast to get this deal. Order now, and you get it for 297.00

You save 200 bucks by acting quickly on a smart choice. Now that’s fair enough, isn’t it?

Click here or call our order center now and these amazing secrets are yours forever! Our order center is at 1-580-366-5820

This is an incredible opportunity for you and to take advantage of it is practically just an IQ test. Whatever your choice, I wish you all the best.

Dr Yates J Canipe





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