Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power

Get the "real-life" skills to put you light-years ahead of everyone else ...

"Discover the Kahuna Secrets you
can immediately use to Sky-Rocket
even your wildest "Fairy-Tale" dreams into
extraordinary daily reality ..."

... and find Peace-of-Mind in the process!


Dear Friend,

Let me show you how you can approach your life differently, with far less effort and frustration, and with an incredible confidence and strength that transforms your life.

Do you believe any of the following statements?

  • "Where there’s a will, there’s a way."
  • "As long as you work hard and stick with it, you can achieve your dreams."
  • "No pain, no gain."

    In fact, willpower and persistence practically guarantee frustration and failure.

    There’s a much easier way to get what you want out of life. Since 1936, people have used it to shatter personal obstacles, achieve their toughest goals, and find true happiness ... without willpower or positive thinking! In fact, I personally used it to go from a lowly "grunt" making less than $100 a week scrubbing floors and cleaning out toilets on the graveyard shift to bringing in $116,630.35 a year and more (legally!) in less than 2 years!

    And let me give you this ...

    WARNING! This is NOT just about material gain ...

    ... true motives and purpose behind how you use these secrets can either imminently aid you in your "Spiritual Path" ...or not.

              Let me tell it like it is ...

               ... the Sacred Voices are calling you ...

              Will you answer?

    Think about it.

    You will learn sacred ancient traditions that can transform your spirit and fill your life with wholeness and joy!

    Find a more peaceful and meaningful way of life ...

    Let me introduce you to the
    Man who can truly set you free!

    Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD spent more than 30 years training from the top Kahuna Masters in the world before he ever stepped in front of a classroom and blew their minds with his amazing skills.

    ... and with 40 years of real-life experience in the "psychic trenches," you can see why Vince is THE very best Kahuna trainer on the planet ... and he's one of only two living Huna Grand Masters today!

    Look ...

    I've received emails over the years from people in remote areas who don't have access to instructors ...

    ... and people travel from all over the world every year to train with Rev. Vince in the simple small-town environment out the back-woods of America's Heartland ...

    But you can "do it the easy way!"

    Now, with Master Vince Wingo's Kahuna Secrets home-study-program on DVD, you'll have a front-row-center seat for every moment of this soon-to-be-legendary training experience ..

    ... and you can watch those DVDs time and time again ... taking notes ... doing the drills ... perfecting your skills ... at your own pace.

    Here's how ...

    You can get the Complete Set of
    the New Kahuna Secrets of Psychic
    Power Training on DVD ... with
    Two Additional Videos of Advanced
    Techniques ... that's 14 DVDs ...
    ... (a $995 value) for only $397 + P&H

    That's only about $28.35 each, which ... in today's world, where Specialized Training DVDs are regularly selling for $49.95 to $79.96 each ... or more ... is quite literally "peanuts!"

    ... you risk absolutely nothing with our "No-Hassle 60-day Money-Back-Guarantee" ... so ACT NOW!

    And here's a little extra "bribe" for you! ...

    ... if you ORDER TODAY ... I'm throwing in two more video sets ... including "Kahuna Integration Secrets" (a $395 value) FREE!

    That's a Total of 14 Training Videos on DVD

    Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training covers things like ...

  • The Three Master Keys of Kahuna Power
  • ... and more than 100 ways to USE THEM.

  • The Four "Magic Questions" to Total Learning.
  • The Ultimate Success Formula ... and the Kahuna Secret of "How to Get There."
  • The World's Easiest Energy Drill that Proves All Three Master Keys ...

  • ... see Lori, a "newbie" with NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER applying these secrets successfully IN THE FIRST 15 MINUTES!

    ... it's THAT EASY!

  • How to Focus Your Concentration Like a Laser Beam
  • How THEIR thoughts affect YOUR energy ... even at a long distance
  • Basic calibration skills for How to Know when You're Moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION and when you're NOT!
  • The 3-Minute Lesson that teaches you HOW to apply the Scientific Method to Your Huna Work ...
  • ... AND how to use the Three Perceptual Positions to Accelerate Your Success

  • The "Secret Question" that allowed Max Freedom Long to find-out HOW THE Kahuna did what they did.
  • The Ultimate Secret Science Behind Miracles
  • Learn WHAT determines the QUALITY of your Huna Practice ... and how to DEVELOP that skill
  • The FASTEST ESP training in the world.
  • OK?

    ... and that's just the FIRST VIDEO!

    And if you order RIGHT NOW, you're not only getting this $995 package for only $397 ... and I'll also give you the two FREE video sets worth another $395 while supplies last.

    So you're getting MORE THAN $1300 worth of "goodies" for only $397 + P&H!

    Your Bonus Videos cover things like ...

  • How to Heal a Broken Bone
  • Mind Secrets of the Chinese Diving Team
  • How to create REAL Thought-Forms that WORK ... with MEASURABLE RESULTS
  • How to Program Your Unconscious Mind to Do the RIGHT THING at the RIGHT TIME.
  • and Much, Much More!
  • It's easy to order now ...

    ... just click on the "Buy Now" Button AT ONCE to GET THIS DEAL.

    That's more than fair, right?

    And Hey! ... I understand if you need to make payments to get this deal ... so just let me know it you want them, OK? ... just talk to me and I can work with you.

    But don't just listen to me! ...

    Here's What Others Are Saying
    about Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training ...

    These are all unsolicited testimonials from The Huna Ohana Online Forum ...

    "Vince specifically outlines and leads you through the skills ... so all YOU have to do is take notes and do the drills. Strengthening your own or someone else's energy ... Going down to a level of unmatched relaxation in mere seconds... Remote viewing... and that is only 'part' of what is on the first four videos! I do have to say that Vince has done one fantastic job, in fact, those first four videos alone were worth the cost he sold the whole package at!"

    --Gary Graves

    "The Advanced Techniques (video nine and ten) teach you how to clear out negative emotions without having to feel them. If you have a memory with negative emotions attached to it you can clear out the emotions even if you don't remember consciously. It works even if the memory is in your unconscious. I had a problem that was interrupting my daily life. Now I don't even remember what or why the problem was, but it's gone!

    "You should definitely get the videos because they will save you years of trial and error."

    --Linda Barrett

    "Thanks a bunch for the Great DVD's. I am only beginning to work and apply them and already things seem to be a lot lighter in my life. "


    "Your explanation of Thought Forms is one of the clearest and easiest to understand that I have found yet! The 'Voodoo' demo you did with Calvin is absolutely amazing! Thanks!"

    --Ron Matthews

    And HERE's a List of "What's Covered" ...
    ... from Members Who've Already Grabbed these Videos ...
    ... and Posted on the Huna Ohana List ...

    You will also learn

  • How to build the psychic bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind.
  • How to overcome negative influences and install an "auto-response" to stress.
  • How to get what your really want and how to find out what you really want.
  • The ten elements of Huna and how they relate to the three master keys of the kahuna.
  • How to generate massive amounts of mana.
  • How thoughts affect your energy.
  • How to stop a psychic attack.
  • Actual demonstration of aka cords and your inter-connectedness at the unconscious level.
  • This May just Blow Your Mind because of
    the Shocking "VooDoo" Demonstration where You will
    actually SEE aka cords in action.

    • How to cut the cords and how to reconnect.
    • The high self connection and the secret to invincibility.
    • Meeting your aumakua in a way you can understand.
    • How to learn to see auras in five minutes or less.
    • How to blow out negative emotions with one wave of the hand. Like that "Jedi" stuff from Star Wars.
    • A daily plan for increasing your vital force exponentially.
    • How to change an enemy into a friend.
    • Remote healing secrets.
    • The nine rules to form your prayer picture so that it will work and the kahuna ha rite prayer-action for creating your future.
    • How to create a real psychic thought-form and place it in your future in a way that will absolutely cause it to happen.
    • How to clear negative emotions and limiting decisions from your past.
    • How to find your life's purpose.
    • How to project your mind into the future.
    • How to consciously raise your mind to the aumakua's perspective.
    • The secret prayer symbol that guarantees success.
    • And a ton of other stuff.

    Now ...

    "Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training"
    is a $995 value.

    The FREE BONUS DVDs are a $395 value.

    That's a total of MORE THAN $1300 WORTH of "goodies."

    And YOU can get it ALL ... all 14 DVDs ... for only $397
    ... if you ORDER RIGHT NOW!

    World-Class Trainer, Dr. John La Tourrette says:

    Vince is one of the smartest people I know ... A great guy!
    ...he can heal people...
    ...he can successfully remote view...
    ...he can successfully remote influence...
    ...he can run a business profitably...
    ...he can write great ad copy...


    He did one Hell of a good job!

    So ... unless you are already perfectly happy with every aspect of your life ... physically, spiritually, love and relationships, career, growth and stability, and the every-day quality of your life ... why wouldn't you take advantage of this offer?

    I urge you to reclaim what is rightfully yours. I look forward to getting your reply. Regardless of your decision, I wish you all the best for the future.


    PS - Just a quick note here. If, after you've gone through all 14 of the DVDs and you don't love them, just send them back within 60 days of ordering and we'll give you your money back. That's more than fair, right?

    PPS - This offer is for a Limited Time ONLY! ... but I do have the next couple of days to work on your orders ... so let me know right away.

    PPPS - I understand if you need to make payments to get this deal ... so just let me know it you want them, OK? ... just talk to me and I can work with you. If you have any questions you need answered before you get this deal, then feel free to email me privately. And if you don't like ordering online ... you can call me at 1-580-366-5820 with your Visa, MasterCard, or Amex in hand. Orders Only!

    PPPPS -
    Hey ... in today's world, where Specialized Training DVDs are regularly selling for $49.95 to $79.96 each ... or more ... getting THESE for only about $28.35 each, is quite literally "peanuts!" You owe it to yourself to get these!

    Copyright 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD





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